The Night Shifts

It’s been long since I have posted anything on this website, thanks to one of my decisions to accept an offer to work in night shifts which has resulted in bringing my social life to a standstill, I cherish my days when I along with my friends after office (especially on Fridays) used to go for a small get together and new places to fulfill our appetite.
After coming to a new work place and timings I sometimes remorse on my decision and always used to hunt for the reason why I took this offer but I had no specific reason except money but when I speak to my fellow colleagues, I often come across below mentioned reasons for working in odd shifts

  1. Remuneration is high as compared to day shifts (I also endorse this reason).
  2. I like working in night shifts, so that I can get full afternoon and can work on some additional income.
  3. I wanted to switch from old company at any cost.
  4. I wanted vertical movement.
  5. I am single and have no problem working in any shift.
  6. I want to prepare for Government jobs, working in night shifts will give me time to study in morning hours.

I am not here to say working in night shifts will hamper your health (speak of health issues you have full page articles in newspapers and dedicated half hour programs in news channels).  I am no one to specially say this will result in health problems.
Everyone wants them to see themselves in a good position as early as possible, but think like this Master Card says “there are some things money can’t for rest there is Master Card”. The same way working in odd shifts would help you in gaining edge in monetary terms but there are something’s which matter a lot.

Few of them

  1. I know out of 100 people working in night shifts 99 of them would like to fully utilize their mornings and afternoons. In reality only 2 or 3 out of 100 are able to do rest can do nothing but sleeping (it depends on body requirements).
    People have done a trade off between money and social life. They cannot meet their better halves, family and friends properly during weekdays. The only way is to meet on weekends that too on Saturday nights and Sundays (Friday shift would end on Saturday morning).
  2. Instead of doing informed decisions people tend to take decisions in haste that can be anything from investing to purchasing underwear. The reason is simple extra disposable income (night shift allowance) and reduction in patience levels.
    Rest of the home members have to take special care like, not coming into the room where you are sleeping even though they have urgent work, special meals according to your body time and for some one of the family member has to be awake till you come in (normal for people who have their shifts ending from 2 AM till 6 AM)
  3. If you are planning to get married and you let your pundit or temple or relative know about your shift then automatically your preference in girls/boys family would go down (it will not matter until and unless the girl/boy is working in the same kind of work environment.
  4. Less enjoyment in office parties due to the nature few people have to report back to work and due to their body clock they do not fall asleep early.
  5. Last but not least people who are working in night shift are normally supporting North America region which is the largest volume generator in the world which means more work than people who are in Indian or EMEA shifts.

I am not writing this to fear anyone from working in shifts, my aim is to emphasize on the fact that consider your family, friends and social life before accepting an offer which is substantial in monetary terms. My suggestion would be to go only when there is an urgent need of money (often breadwinners face this problem) else you can wait for a good opportunity and good shift.