The technology in industry-specific softwares

Your company is in a growth spurt, something maybe unheard of nowadays. You’ve brought together all the department heads to assess their future needs. The overriding concern in the room is summed up in one word:  software.

Let’s say the biggest issue needing fixing right now is with your accounting software: monthly billings are not getting out on time, plus clients are complaining about a whole slew of inaccurate postings. You’ve simply maxed out the scalability of the enterprise software licensed by the Big Company vendors.    

Specific Solutions not generic

Your IT Director submits a proposal that promises resolution to this and a host of other accounting-software issues. She believes the best way to go is to get on board with the latest technology of industry- specific software.

What are your competitors up to…

What are competitors upto

Chances are, they’re already making plans to incorporate the same software program you’re considering buying…or are already using it.

The developer of the software you’re eyeing has already come across your accounting problems in a hundred other companies like yours: they’ve solved most of the problems you’re having; plus, they’ve thrown in some very usable bells and whistles to help keep and bring in more customers—–a whole suite of software designed for sales prospecting.

Going industry specific often means you don’t have to worry about functions that don’t apply to your business, and therefore you’ll never use.

After the sale

You’ll no doubt get solutions and a whole bunch of good suggestions from the vendor. They know the ins-and-outs of your business and can offer keen guidance during the initial startup phase and well into the next update cycle.