This tutorial will teach you how to record online radio into mp3!

In this tutorial, you will need any good sound editor like Audacity or Adobe Audition. I used Audition 1.5 for this tutorial but this doesn’t matter.

1. Now to access online radio, just copy and paste the links from the following quote in Windows Media Player using File>Open URL..
2. Now we need to record the streaming sound from the net.
So double click your Volume icon in the taskbar. Then goto Option>Properties.
Select Recording and check besides the Stereo Mix.

3. Now goto your sound editor and hit the record bitton. Accept the settings and your recording will now start. Save the file as per your preference.

Note: The radio stations in the quote is just the copy paste from the text file that i found on the net. But it will get you started.
Most(or all?) of the radio stations are streaming at 17-48kbps which is very poor bitrate for mp3 file. But you could search in the Google for higher bitrate online radio links(audio feeds). Some of few I have listed below but if ‘d come across such link please post it here: