Tips to breeze through your examinations

The board examinations are nearing and I am sure many of you appearing for it might be busy giving the last touches to your preparations. Majority might be even coping up to finish the syllabus and one word of advice for them – Relax guys, you still got a lot of time, we all are there with you and we know you’ll rock this time.

Stress is a weird word, why would you be stressed for an examination? That’s because of the stupid manifestation of the board exams as something really important in life. Take my word friends, its nothing compared to the hardships what people face in life. And getting stressed for it, a little is fine and good for your preparation but don’t let it hamper your confidence.

Here are some tips apart from your preparation to keep yourself calm during this phase till your exams:

1. Eat whatever you like

Eat whatever you feel like!

Eat whatever you feel like!

People suggest eat green leafy veggies, this-that but come-on, students appearing for boards are not pregnant or suffering from Jaundice. Be normal, eat whatever you had till now, roti, burger anything you like!

If you were alive and de-stressed all the years eating normally, you would probably stay alive and healthy eating the same during this phase as well.

2. Change your sleeping pattern

Maintain a good sleep pattern

Maintain a good sleep pattern and sleep properly in beds, not on desks.

There is a high possibility that due to late night preparations, you’ll fiddle with your body clock. Make sure to revert to normal stage by the time exams arrive, that means sleep and rise early two weeks before the examination. Solve sample papers in the exact time of 10 to 1 to get the real feel of it and adjust your body to not feel tired during that time.

3. Stay motivated

Stay motivated no matter what

Stay motivated no matter what

If you are worried all the time that you’re lagging behind, you need to relax first. You are different than others and stop comparing yourself from others and their preparations.

There will be nerds who don’t go out nor bunk classes and the only social life they have is FACEBOOK! You are born to enjoy life, if you’re lagging behind on your preparation, its not because you’re slow but you’re giving more time to each topic which means you’re going to be stronger conceptually!

4. Forget your past results

Had a bad pre-board result? Why worry when you can learn from it and not repeat things in the actual examination. I myself scored 62 percent in my pre-boards but ended up with a 92 Percent in the final board exams.

I used my failure to build confidence. I said to myself "I’ll screw the paper no matter how hard it comes" and that is what I did, the days following the pre-boards made me stronger. My preparation was selective but I logically strategized to finish the remaining parts.

Remember what Aristotle once wisely said

Fear is the pain arising due to anticipation of evil


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    useful tips, remembering our past victories or scoring can add more advantage.

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    mast h……..

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