Tips on how to beat the chill

New Delhi: Winter is a special season but a demanding one too. It demands that you do more than the bare minimum for your skin and hair. The air is not humid but it is dry and chilly. And hair craves moisture.

But how do we manage to care for our hair in the middle of a hectic season, when our calendars are jam-packed with commitments? Investing on a good quality hair serum bottle could help of course.

Besides that, here are some tips that can be followed for looking and feeling great this winter:

  • To begin with you have to make good choices for our overall sense of well being on a daily basis.
  • Eating nourishing foods that warm the body from the inside including dried fruits and nuts. They ensure that you look as warm and rosy on the outside as you feel on the inside.

So just following these simple tips could get you results that could be a perfect complement to your winter skin and hair care routine.

Simple skin care routine

Winter’s here and you can’t go to all those parties with your skin looking dry, dull and lifeless. So, here are some tips to protect your skin are get that glow back.

It’s ironic, but the sun’s winter rays are stronger during the winter, so stick to your summer routine even though it’s cold outside. Apply sunscreen with SPF ranging from 15 to 20, 10-15 minutes before you step out. Dry lips are another problem. Since they have no oil glands, you need to protect them from the cold wind by applying lip balms that contain melanin and Vitamin E.

And now for an in-house tip. You can get better winter skin every time you bathe. Cut out those harsh drying soaps and opt for bath gels with a soft sponge for gentle exfoliation.

Hair care

The change of weather and the onset of the winter do not only cause dryness on your skin but also affects your hair. The change in the weather not only causes dandruff but also leads to hair fall. So, to prevent this, here are some hair care products that you could use.


The best way to keep your hair healthy is by using ayurvedic hair care products, which are very easily available in the market. In this range, you will get all the essential products needed, like shampoo, hair oil, conditioner and scalp cleaner. The Shahnaz Hussein brand has the best ayurvedic products. Shahnaz’s Arnica hair oil and shampoo are the best for hair protection.

Other than these, you can also get neem hair oil, which will protect your hair from dandruff and would also stop your hair from falling. You can also buy the Shahnaz neem scalp cleaner. You can also try the hair tonics to protect against hair loss. The product range starts from Rs 295.


If you think that the Shanaz’s hair care products are priced on the higher side, then you can choose from the Biotique hair care range. Heena leaf shampoo is one of the offerings from Biotique, it not only increases the thickness of your hair but also adds gloss to the hair.


For healthy hair, the foremost thing is a healthy scalp and for all scalp related complications, you can get L’Oreal’s professional scalp solution done and if you have dandruff that’s uncontrollable, then you can go in for a L’Oreal professional anti-dandruff treatment.


In the L’Oreal sensi treatment, you are given a head massage and after the massage, the hair is washed with a sensi balance shampoo. After the shampoo, your scalp is treated with sensi mosturiser, and also cools down the scalp. The L’Oreal treatments starts from Rs 300 and if you don’t want to visit a parlour, then you can do the treatment at home also.


Then there is Lakme’s Hair Next series, which promises to give you a unique look. In this range, you will get styling products, shampoo, smoothening serum and gel. If you want to give a new look to your hair, then visit the Lakme saloon for Hair Next indulgences.


The other important tips, which can come handy during the winters, are that you should use conditioner everyday, and use products which moisturizes your hair everytime you use them and never go out with wet hair.