Tips to score well in reading section

Reading unseen passage tests the student's ability to understand the given passage. The student should be able to grasp the overall theme as well as details and hidden implications of the text. Constant practice helps sharpen reading skills.

The following method may be pursued to answer this question properly.

First and foremost, read the passage with concentration. Intelligent reading is fast as well as good. You should take three to five minutes to read the passage of moderate difficulty.

Next, look at the questions on the passage. You may be able to locate some of the answers immediately. Mark these portions by pencil, with the question number alongside.

Look at the questions which you have not been able to answer. Go over the passage once again, locate the answers and mark the answers as before.

Now tackle the vocabulary question. If you can locate the word, well and good, otherwise an intelligent guess is better than leaving a question unanswered.

Now you know the answers. Write them down in your own words, numbering correctly. The key to answering this question well is good reading the first time.

Tips to follow

  • Usually the first sentence of the passage, as well as of individual paragraphs states its main idea. Questions are made on the main ideas dealt with the passage.
  • Often the questions follow the same logical sequence as the paragraphs in the passage. This should help you a great deal in locating answers.
  • This is a high scoring question; do not leave it for the end of the paper.

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