Track Train location on Train Enquiry

Most of us know how to find the running status of trains (Indian Railways). As a frequent user of train enquiry system I am now quite used to its lackluster look of website, pop up ads, not so easy to use interface and lastly page load time issues. I think the same has gone to the attention of Centre for railway information systems (CRIS) who are now developing a new 2.0 look of their train enquiry website.

This is how train enquiry system (Indian Railways) works

train enquiry system (indian railways)


Short video on train enquiry system (Indian Railways)


Although the new look of the website looks refreshing but to me it seems there is lot of space left for improvement till now, we never know how the website would pan out in future as it is still in development phase.

One can access the under development webpage at

I have a suggestion to make if they are listening; ad space in both of the websites Indian rail and train enquiry are being used to the fullest, it would be better if they can remove the pop up ads in their newer versions.