Twitter Many Uses

The wildly popular micro blogging service, in which users from all walks of life and all over the globe share 140-character-long snippets of their lives, from everyday jokes to superstar celebrities, teens using feature phones and mega corporations employing entire divisions of "Social Media Managers." Access to and use of Twitter’s technology  is as easy as opening your web browser or firing up your cell phone.

So what can you do with Twitter, other than the aforementioned 140-character tweets about life’s minutiae?


Twitter (what more can you do with twitter)


Did you know you can share screen casts on Twitter? The Screenr app creates and tweets screen casts instantly, allowing you to append audio commentary (or not). Since this isn’t a usual use of Twitter, it’s a great way to stand out and get your tweets noticed.

    • Coupon Tweet aggregates deals tweeted by…well, whoever on Twitter. You can search by keyword, or just watch the feed spool in real time.
    • Use Twitter as a productivity tool. This article explains how easy it is to integrate Twitter into your GTD productivity system.
    • How about using Twitter as a motivational tool for getting into shape ?
    • Giving a presentation to the boss/board of directors/United Nations Security Council? Want to make it more memorable than a tired old PowerPoint presentation with dull bullet points and cheesy animations? Use PollEverywhere to make your presentations interactive – and therefore far more engaging, memorable, and effective!

As you can see, Twitter’s not just a 140-character-long micro blogging service you use to inform the world of your choice of which shoes you’re wearing this morning; you can use it in a variety of creative and engaging ways.