Kayamath 13th March ~ 2008 Episode – Star Plus

13th March written update

Milind is talking about that he can’t recall his past which is following him and Ayesha gets upset and tells him to rest and everything will be Ok and she leaves. Ayesha says to herself that "there was a time when Milind wanted to marry me and I used to run from him but today everything has changed then she goes into flashback Ayesha says to Milind that mother said never to fall in love as its all fake. Next one, Milind says to Ayesha that "I did so much for you & you say that you don’t love me", to which she says "yes i don’t love you" and he pulls her with her hairs and says "i will kill you and then myself." Ayesha says that whats wrong now then she looks at herself in the mirror and says that "I know whats wrong as Milind is not accepting this new Ayesha who is running after him and now I will change to old Ayesha and Milind himself will say that he wants to marry me."

Neev is in his room crying and Premlata comes and says that "I know you feel bad for Prachi as today also you care for her and can’t see tears in your friend’s eyes", to which he says that "I made such a big mistake by not trusting her and now I have to suffer forever", he puts his head on Premlata’s lap and says "I know the truth which you never told me or else i would’ve never let Prachi go away from my life" and Premlata says that "I also came to know when it was too late as Prachi was married to Milind and its destiny" and he says but "I’m still there where I lost prachi nothing will be ok now and i don’t want anyone to forgive me."

On the dining table, Milind asks for Prachi and Ramu kaka says that "I didn’t see her since morning" and Milind calls her but Ayesha cuts the phone line and Prachi brings food for him and Milind still calling Ayesha, then he gets up and leaves and Neev looks at him and then Prachi. Saket hugs Alaap and says "thanks for giving me that contract" & Alaap says that "I did it for friendship" and then someone calls Saket and he goes to talk. Sukruti says to Alaap that "what do you want" & Alaap starts his acting and she says that "don’t act in front of me & give me an answer" to which he says that "I did this for you because I know the truth that Rithvik is our son as you went through alot because of me but don’t worry I will keep this a secret and noone will come to know and noone will come between you and Saket" and then both are shocked to see Saket standing there. Saket goes to Alaap and smiles and hugs him. Milind is worried for Ayesha then Ayesha comes down and she is wearing a very beautiful blue gown and she says to milind that "You were looking for me, oh i forgot to tell you that I kept a party for my friends in the out house so I’m going there", to which he says "but not in these clothes" and then he grabs her hand and tries to stop her and she gets angry and says that "I don’t like this attitude and I will do whatever I want to" and she leaves. Prachi and Premlata talks about her change and Premlata says that this must be her new Premlataan. Milind goes towards the window and sees Ayesha dancing with guys and he gets angry and goes out. Milind comes to the out house and looks at Ayesha dancing with a guy and Ayesha also looks at him and says to herself that "I knew you will come." Milind goes to Ayesha and she tells him to join the party but Milind tells her to come and she says no and he picks her up and forces her and takes her from there.

Milind enters the house and Ayesha tells him to put her down and everyone is shocked to see them and then Milind keeps Ayesha down and she gets angry and says "what do you think of yourself and how dare you brought me here from my party as I will do whatever I want to do and you dont have any right on me & I’m not your wife that you treat me like this" and Milind says "I have my right on you as I’m your husband to be and over here in front of all I’m saying that I will marry you". Prachi gets shocked after hearing that.


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