Where did the money go?

It’s almost 10 months now before it all started with a crisis known as subprime which was in the US Market but its effect was felt all over the world. The markets around the world collapsed like twin towers and many of the investors lost all their hope. The money which was invested lost its value to an astonishing 75% of the initial face value. Fundamentals or technicals are not helping at all. What to do? Raises questions after seeing this type of situation where even banks are going bankrupt.

As an investor I am also in a dilemma what to do and where to invest money now. Whatever was in secondary market is now in a self lock in period. And if I put money into real estate they’re also in correction phase, all the prices which were kissing the sky are now in love with ground.

Earlier when I checked my profile, I was aggressive like a tiger. But now I am behaving like a 60 year old retired person who is no more interested in high risk high gain philosophy. Initially I became a trader and was making money like a Mini RBI every day, there was a cash inflow and was in a position to lend (loan) money at a very cheaper interest rate. My neighbours used to quote me as an example of a successful person who made big in such a short span of time.

Even aunties used me as their investment advisor and they used to make investment through me. The source of funds for them was from the savings from their daily household expense. But now I am a great source of entertainment to them as I am already a topic for their never ending gossip.

There was a change even in my dressing style, initially I used to wear a formal shirt which would cost me around 200 bucks but now even a person like me has started talking about Gucci and Armani.

Money Market (Stock Markets) have surpassed even the fame of bollywood, everyone idolizes Warren Buffet rather than Amitabh Bachchan anymore.

I am in search for all those good days, Where are they? The job which I was least bothered of, now forces me to pay attention to it. I started obeying my boss and his stupid brainless comedy and adopted a famous “yess Boss” technique.

Well this is not my story. This is a story of every investor who invested in the Capital market and I have not. So enjoy the mood today. Don’t live a life king size rather live a life which you can afford.

All the above characters are true and they are in existence, no one can relate the above scenario to a particular person because they are related to almost everyone.



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