Why MTNL is such a famous ISP?

MTNL is surely one of the most famous ISP providers amongst many of us. Tempting data plans ensures we subscribe to their services.

The story starts with the net connection being installed at your place by a technician who only knows how to install the router. Once that’s done, you are on cloud nine with its uninterrupted service and you feel that many people frustrated about the firm are just lone exceptions and luckily you are not the one in it.

But there was something being cooked up behind your thoughts, or probably no. But what you end up is just one small problem in service and there follows a series of service failures. Router configuration, ping, tons of phone calls are just about to be a part of routine job.

Take for example, the issue which is prevailing with me for almost three weeks now. The problem is that my router starts disconnecting after every five minutes (or probably less than that). You might conclude this problem to be some common problem but there is something different about this issue and that’s the problem only arises after 4 PM till the next morning. And to amaze you a little further it works fine in the morning and noon hours!

And what follows next? Endless phone calls, checking lines, ping…

And adding some flavour to this, we have those undersea cable cuts. Internet services are surely taking a giant leap in India but are we ready for it?