Yamla Pagla Deewana Movie Review

After watching the trailers of Yamla Pagla Deewana I was eagerly looking forward for the movie, reason being the trailers were very impressive and was getting the chance to see the Deols back on screen after Apne.

So I planned to see the movie on Saturday for which I was able to get the tickets for evening show with good seating, half an hour before the show. This gave me some sense on how the movie would be, but nevertheless I was eager to see Deols on screen and enjoy the film.

I was allowed ten minutes before the movie was to start and on screen they started rolling the trailers of Dhobi Ghat starring Aamir Khan. But my main attention was to see whether the theatre is getting full or not.

At 7:45 the movie started with voice over comedy done by Ajay Devgn. This movie is about the family where the elder son Paramvir Singh (Sunny Deol) lives along with his mother (Nafisa), Wife (Brown) and two kids in Canada whereas Paramvirs father (Dharmendra) who went absconding with Paramvirs younger brother Gajodhar (Bobby Deol) and lives in Banaras.

I would not like to go into the details of the movie as an overview, the movie is about the elder son who tries to reunite the whole family and also how he also helps his younger brother to get his love back.

As soon as the movie started the comedy which was there in trailers came one by one and by the end of first fifteen minutes the movie was done with the comedy scenes, but after fifteen minutes the movie tries to make path for the second half but failed to attract audiences, I had a chance to look around where some of the viewers were bringing Pepsi and popcorn by visiting candy bar personally. At interval I overhead my fellow viewers showing disappoint towards the movie.

But after interval the movie took me to the next level of entertainment, the comedy and action scenes were right on spot I was able to hear everyone laughing loud most of the times. On the whole the story of the movie is average; in fact the real story starts after the interval.

The technical department of the movie was excellent; although most of the movie was shot in Banaras and Punjab one get the feeling of the mustard fields and ghats of banaras, kudos to technical department of the movie

Coming to the stars performances for which I am not that technical or big enough to rate or score the star cast; all are very talented and does not require any review for their performances.

The two item songs for me seem that they were deliberately placed in between the story, but choreography and cinematography of chada de rang and yamla pagla deewana was beautiful. On the whole the songs of the movie were also average.

If I take the complete picture of the movie, the major cons of the movie are story and songs on the other hand pros are acting of deols and comedy delivered by them. At the end of the movie I can easily say that this is one time watch film, but if you a diehard fan of the deols then you must watch this film.


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